3rd Trimester 28th - 40th week

This Program is for Pregnant Couples in the third Trimester of Pregnancy, that is 28th to 40th week of Pregnancy. 

The third trimester of pregnancy can be physically and emotionally challenging. This is the time to Prepare for the Final day of Childbirth and Update your Manual of Parenthood before the baby arrives. 

This Program includes : Preparation for Labor and Childbirth in the lines of Fitness, Nutrition and Education. Preparation for the 4th Trimester. 

Complete Support in the Labor and Birth in the best possible way

It’s the event you have been happily (and nervously) anticipating for months : your baby’s birth! Many pregnant couples have wondered just how labor will feel, how long it will take and can my partner support me during this journey.

You may be planning a natural birth but there are times when your healthcare provider must intervene for health and safety reasons. When a medical intervention is suggested or presented as routine procedure, ask about the benefits, risks, alternatives, and whether you can do the procedure later – or not at all. Research shows that many times interventions are done more for convenience sake than for medical reasons. Knowing about these interventions will help you to make the right choices and express your wishes to your care provider so that when you go through them in case you have to, you are well prepared for its benefits and risks.

The decision to have a cesarean can arise before labor, often called a planned or scheduled cesarean. The decision might also happen in labor. This might be because it is thought that labor is taking too long, mother or baby is not tolerating labor well, or other issues arise. This is typically called an unplanned C section. In a few cases, it will be a true emergency. So it is important to be prepared for all, even though you are headstrong about having a Natural Birth. It lets your fear be addressed about a surgical birth or a birth out of your expectation.

All about Labor & Childbirth.

  • Stages of Labor – Signs that labor has started , when to go to hospital?
  • Pain in Labor – What is it? Where will I feel it? How do contractions feel?
  • What can I do to comfort myself in Labor? Naturally & Medically?
  • What is epidural anesthesia or painless childbirth? Should I opt for it? What are the risks?
  • How Long will be my labor? Factors that can help me have a positive but less painful labor and an empowering birth.
  • How can my partner support me in Labor?
  • Important tips to have a vaginal or natural birth.

Duration of the Session

1.5 hour

Practical Demonstration of all coping techniques of Labor including breathing techniques.

You will learn tips and tricks to comfort yourself in Labor, exercises that you can do with your partner in labor, breathing techniques that you can use in Labor. Your partner will also learn how to massage you, the right way to support you and help you through the challenges of labor. You and your partner will learn how to make the right choices during the labor and birth process. The session includes a practical demonstration of exercises and relaxation techniques that you can do in the Labor and Birth process in the hospital.

Duration of the Session

1 hour

All about Mother Care Post Childbirth

  • Your hospital stay, your physical and emotional recovery post-childbirth,
  • Self care tips for care of stitches ,
  • Food to eat and avoid during the first 3 months postpartum,
  • Back Care & Other Self care tips on Massage, Toning of your belly etc.
  • Exercises and postures to get back to shape and fitness tolerance post-childbirth,
  • Postpartum blues and ways to deal with this.
  • Plan your maternity leave so as to get back to work while continuing to take care of the baby and breastfeeding. Postpartum Blues & Self Care Tips.

Duration of the Session

1.5 hour

All about medical procedures for today’s childbirth, decision making and C-section.

  • What is episiotomy and how to prevent or reduce the risk of it?
  • What happens when you reach your due date or you break your bag of water?
  • What are natural and medical ways of inducing labor?
  • What are some interventions which can help you in your process of Birth?
  • How to make a decision in the midst of Labor?
  • Complications of Labor and its various solutions from a Childbirth Support Professional.
  • How to talk and address your wishes to your care provider about the intervention?
  • What are the reasons for the C section?
  • How can you minimize your risk of having a C-section?
  • What are the ways you could prepare for a C-section through the Lamaze Practices so that you have an empowering Birth experience?

Duration of the Session

1.5 hour

Breastfeeding Basics and Baby Care

  • When, How to start Breastfeeding?
  • Breast Crawl and Ways to initiate Milk Production.
  • Positions and Attachment for Breastfeeding successfully.
  • How to know Breastmilk is enough and what to do for improving milk supply.
  • Complications and problems that mothers of today face with Breastfeeding.
  • Formula Feeding, Bottle Feeding, Cup Feeding and other feeding measures.
  • Caring for your Newborn and helping to adjust to the new world, Various important appearances, signs and milestones that you will see in your baby for the 1st 6 months,
  • Various tips to manage gas, colic and other concerns,
  • Massaging, Clothing, Diapering, Swaddling, Sleeping Times with the baby for the 1st 6 months,
  • Helping your newborn adjust to the world. Important tips to manage babyhood for the first few months.

Duration of the Session

1 hour

In addition to the session : you will receive

  • Handouts to the session
  • Immunization Schedule, Milestone Chart for the Baby.
  • Growth Chart Graph.
  • Breastfeeding TroubleShooting Guide.
  • Breastfeeding Food Guide from Day 0 to Day 90. (3 months).
  • FREE Lactation Consultations (3 in number, offline and online both) till your little one turns 3 months old

Please note :
1. This Program is taken in group or one to one with the Pregnant Couple or Pregnant Mom-To-Be (if Dad-To-Be is not available)

2. The Practical Demonstration Class needs both the Mom-to-be and Dad-To-Be and / or Support Person. 

3. You can attend this program between 28th and 38th week of Pregnancy.  

Tentative Dates for the Group Sessions : 
2nd and 3rd weekends of Month

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Dr. Riddhi Chandarana Kataria (BPTh; LCCE; IBCLC; MSG(BPNI)) Physiotherapist, Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, Internationally Certified Lactation Consultant, Mother Support Group Counsellor

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