NutriKids : Baby and Toddler Nutrition
Program 4 - 24 months of age

Breastfeeding and Breastmilk / Formula milk is still the important food. However, at 6 months of age, with the growth of the baby, the needs of the baby change or increase and hence foods that can complement breastmilk or formula milk need to be introduced. These foods are started based on recommendations and developmental growth of the baby.

When your baby turns into a toddler, many new aspects of development and food patterns are taken into consideration. It’s the time you want to introduce salt, cow's milk and foods right from the family pot. It's also the time that the baby’s activity levels increase so it's important that the baby’s calories are replaced with nutrient dense foods.

Workshop Based on Age

For Parents with Babies 18-24 months of age

Once Registration form is shared by you, we will schedule a zoom consult for you where we discuss the following

Your baby’s details , weight graph, food eating habits, milestones. We do a review on what are the important developments and how to progress further. Food Corrections and Suggestions are made based on the Food Chart shared by you. The zoom consult will be of duration of 1 hour. This is a one time consultation only.

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