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2nd Trimester Wellness

Prenatal Exercise Classes

The 2nd Trimester Wellness : The Healthy 9! Program

A beautiful soul needs a sturdy vessel!

This Program is for Pregnant Couples in the second Trimester of Pregnancy, that is 14th to 27th week of Pregnancy.

This is the most physically enjoyable phase for most women. However, it also is vital to start getting physically active to give adequate space to your baby to grow well and at the same time, help you to stretch and strengthen to deal with the challenges of this growth.

This Program includes : Pregnancy Exercise, Pregnancy Nutritional Advice and Lamaze Pregnancy Ergonomic Care.

Healthy 9! Pregnancy Fitness / Prenatal Yoga Program

From your physical body to your emotional state, Prenatal fitness or Prenatal yoga is a key ingredient to a healthy, happy pregnancy.

For the majority of women, exercise during Pregnancy is not only safe but actually recommended. Of Course you should always consult your doctor or midwife before starting or resuming any type of physical activity.

Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy

As your baby grows, your posture changes and your bump puts extra pressure on the pelvic bone. Additionally, the hormone relaxin is softening the ligaments in the pelvis in order to prepare your body for birth.

All of these things can cause you to experience backaches and pelvic pain during Pregnancy. Although, the main goal, in some, to exercise is to achieve a healthy weight gain for themselves and their baby too. Regular Exercise can improve your posture and strengthen your back and core which will help you to stay healthy in Pregnancy and also prepare you for birth. If you are planning for a c-section, the Prenatal exercises help you to achieve a healthy fitness regime that can play a vital role in keeping your Pregnancy healthy and help you with your recovery post-Birth.

When you exercise during Pregnancy, you will feel more energized. Even a short burst of activity can help with that Pregnancy Fatigue, if any. Being active will also help you fall asleep faster.

Exercising in Pregnancy not only improves your mood and overall mental well-being but also lowers your chances of developing Preeclampsia as well as Gestational Diabetes. Plus, babies born to active moms are more likely to be born within a healthy weight range.

Pregnancy Yoga Class Near Me

Healthy 9! Pregnancy Fitness / Prenatal Yoga Program

  • A thorough evaluation of your Pregnancy until now, your Physical Health and your lifestyle habits.
  • Regular Sessions conducted by me either in group or one to one basis. Every session is 45-60 minutes where you will perform exercises that are suitable for your week of Pregnancy, followed by breathing exercises, relaxation exercises, and bonding with your unborn baby.
  • The exercises that are taught and practiced are based on the principles of Physiotherapy, muscle and pelvic bone biomechanics, Yoga, Light upper body aerobics and meditation.
  • As you progress in Pregnancy, your exercises are also progressively effective. In the second trimester, we are aiming at pelvic opening exercises in the form of stretches and strengthening your core and back to take on the challenges of the growth of the baby and your Pregnancy. In the third trimester, we are aiming at preparing you for Labor of Love and Childbirth in the form of labor inducing exercises.
  • Women with special conditions such as Gestational Diabetes , Preeclampsia , Low placenta, high risk Pregnancy, Twin Pregnancy, etc; are usually suggested to take one to one sessions.
Pregnancy Yoga

Preparation for the Session

  • Before an exercise session, it is recommended to consume protein rich foods or snacks; 30 minutes prior to it. Between the session, it is recommended to keep a bottle of water and sip between every few exercises. After the session, it is recommended to consume fruits and nuts before you get back to routine.
  • If you are taking up an online session : It is required to have a complete profile view on the camera. You can use your own bed mattress or yoga mat for all the place down exercises. Besides you, your camera, and your bottle of water, we won't need much. Later as Pregnancy Progresses, we do suggest you to invest into Ball (but only if you are keen to) and use other home equipment for further progression of exercises.
  • If you are taking up an offline session, you can come to our Center in Mulund or I can come to your home.
  • Home Visits are done only in Mulund.

Frequency of the Sessions (This is only for the second trimester)

Twice a week (Consecutively or with a gap of a day) : Especially for moms who go to office, moms who have never exercised, moms who have certain medical conditions and certain pregnancy complications.

Thrice a week (with a gap of a day in between) : Especially for moms who have been active before pregnancy and moms with higher BMI. Rest of the days : you are recommended to continue walking.

Timings of Group Sessions

You can connect with me to know the current schedule for our offline and online sessions.

We have sessions on all days from morning 8:00 am to 10:30 pm with a range of group and individual virtual and offline sessions.

Please note

  • This Program is only attended by Mom-to-Be. For Partner Yoga sessions, you will be informed prior in advance.
  • There is no FREE trial session.
  • Exercises are started only after Doctors' Consent.
  • Frequency of the Sessions, Time of the Sessions, and How do we go ahead : is discussed based on a FREE Consult taken prior to joining.

This FREE Consult is done offline or virtually on zoom.

Please share your 1. Pregnancy Files, 2. Sonography Reports. 3. Blood Test Reports on my email.

We can then have a brief consult for details, queries and scheduling!

Baby & You Pregnancy Nutrition Program for 2nd Trimester

You are not eating for two, you are eating carefully for one!

A healthy diet is an important part of a healthy lifestyle at any time, but especially vital if you are Pregnant. Healthy eating keeps you feeling good and gives your baby the essential nutrients they need in the womb.

Creating a Prenatal meal plan can feel intimidating. Pregnant Women have unique nutritional needs ranging from increased energy intake, to preventing common deficiencies. Your diet is a bank account and good food choices are good investments. Prenatal Vitamins or Tablets are an insurance policy, but a good Diet is the foundation for good Health.

Here are 5 nutrition tips to keep in mind while making your own meal plan

Ensure adequate calcium intake

A woman’s body will prioritize the health of her baby, so during Pregnancy, calcium will be leached from the mother’s bones if there is not enough available for the baby. Down the road, this can lead to the development of osteoporosis. Pregnant women require 1000 mg of calcium per day to keep their bones healthy while also supporting their baby. Some of this will be provided by a good Calcium Tablet, but food must provide the rest.

Boost Iron Intake

Boost Iron requirements during pregnancy are the highest they will be at any point during the life cycle. It can be hard to meet iron needs with diet alone, so low iron is of the most common concerns during Pregnancy. Pregnant women should get 27 mg of iron per day. Prenatal Vitamins provide plenty of iron, but a prenatal meal plan should also include this important mineral.

Optimize Omega 3s

Healthy Development of the brain and nervous system tissue requires adequate intake of the right kind of fats.

Emphasize Protein

Protein is essential for building new cells during Pregnancy. It also helps maintain stable blood sugar , which can reduce nausea caused by low blood sugar. Aim for a little more than the minimum recommended 0.4 grams per pound of body weight. Protein needs vary, so tune into your body and find the amount that suits you.

Include plenty of fiber

Constipation and other gastric complaints are common during Pregnancy so meeting fiber needs is particularly important during this time. Luckily, many of the foods high in calcium, iron, omega-3 and protein are also high in fiber. Your minimum requirement is 25 g fiber per day.

Meet Folic Acid

Meet Folic Acid Needs for preventing spinal defects.

Vitamin D

Ensure you are taking a Vitamin D supplement and consuming foods which are fortified.

Baby & You Pregnancy Nutrition Program for 2nd Trimester

  • A thorough evaluation of your Pregnancy, your lifestyle and eating habits.
  • A Consultation where I will explain and discuss with you various changes and recommendations for your Pregnancy. If there are any limitations, any gastric complaints or any weight gain or loss issues, or specific Pregnancy nutrition goals that can be addressed.
  • Education on nutrition and diet which prepares your body to support your baby and build your immune system, changes your lifestyle habits if needed and prepares you mentally and physically for the journey of a lifetime.
  • After the consultation, a detailed diet chart will be sent with various options for every meal and nutrient dense options for a healthy Pregnancy.
  • Once the consultation is done, one follow up is done.
  • The follow up is done on email or video call to discuss the changes.

Number of Consults

(16th- 20th week and 22nd- 25th week)

Duration of Each Consult

30 Minutes

Mode of Consult

At The Clinic , At Your Home Visit , Virtually on Zoom

Please note : This Program is taken one to one with the Pregnant Couple or Pregnant Mom-To-Be (if Dad-To-Be is not available) 

This can be conducted on our virtual platform or we can meet each
other at my clinic.

Second Trimester of Pregnancy
Pregnancy Posture

Pregnomics Program

Pregnancy may seem like a milestone in and of itself, but the truth is that there are many mini-milestones sprinkled throughout the 40 weeks of Pregnancy. Over these weeks, a lot of changes take place in your muscles and ligaments as a compensatory mechanism for your growing baby. These changes have a great impact on your posture, balance and physical health.

If not appropriately taken care, these changes can lead to backache, sciatic nerve pain, pelvic bone pain or ligament pains, calf cramps, varicose veins, diastasis recti etc.

In Pregnancy, poor posture comes naturally but corrected posture requires practice.

During Pregnancy, good posture helps

  • To reduce aches and pains (including pelvic girdle pain)
  • Better lung capacity and breathing.
  • Improves blood circulation.
  • Good health.
  • Helps in achieving optimal position for placenta and the baby (especially if breech)
  • Increases self-confidence.

It's one of the questions that almost every expecting mom has had throughout her 9 months of Pregnancy:

How will I know for sure that I am in labor?

If this is your first baby, you might wonder how it will feel, what you can expect from labor, and whether it's really happening or only a false alarm. Even for experienced moms you know that early signs of labor are sometimes vague and hard to pinpoint. At the end of Pregnancy, you may have some signs that your baby will arrive very soon, even though you may not go into labor for a little while yet.

Labor begins 3 weeks prior to the anticipated due date up until 2 weeks after but signs that labor is approaching are experienced by moms by 24th week onwards.

This session addresses the following topics

  • All aspects of different milestones of pregnancy, their effects on your body and baby.
  • Various tips to maintain correct postures while doing household routines, and even for workplace ergonomics.
  • Various important posture tips to keep in mind while recovering from Childbirth (vaginal birth and c section).
  • Tips to relieve common aches and pains in Pregnancy.
  • Various signs that labor is approaching.
  • What are abnormal signs or signs that complications are rising.
  • Tips on Labor Inducing Foods.
  • Create a Birth Plan.
  • How to choose the right hospital? What questions to ask your doctor or care provider?
  • Form your own Birth & Baby Registry.

This session can be conducted in a group or one to one. This session will include

  • Handouts for the session.
  • Hospital Bag, Labor & Lactation Checklist.

Duration of the Session

1.5-2 hours.

Best time to attend the Session

18th week to 27th week of Pregnancy

Please note : This Program is taken one to one with the Pregnant Couple or Pregnant Mom-To-Be (if Dad-To-Be is not available) 

This can be conducted on our virtual platform or we can meet each other at my clinic.

Tentative Dates for the Group Sessions  
1th Saturday of every month

If you have any more queries, you can mail me on or message me on 9920357437

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