NutriKids : Baby and Toddler Nutrition Programs
for Parents and Careproviders

Breastfeeding and Breastmilk / Formula milk is still the important food. However, at 6 months of age, with the growth of the baby, the needs of the baby change or increase and hence foods that can complement breastmilk or formula milk need to be introduced. These foods are started based on recommendations and developmental growth of the baby.

When your baby turns into a toddler, many new aspects of development and food patterns are taken into consideration. It’s the time you want to introduce salt, cow's milk and foods right from the family pot. It's also the time that the baby’s activity levels increase so it's important that the baby’s calories are replaced with nutrient dense foods.

Workshop based on your baby's age

Workshop for Babies 4-10 months of age

Following Topics are Addressed

  • True and False Signs of Readiness to Start Foods other than Breastmilk or Formula Milk
  • How to prepare your child for introducing solids?
  • Introducing Solids Toolbox : what all do you need to start solids?
  • Different Weaning Styles and How to Choose one.
  • First Foods and their variations
  • No of Meals and how to place them with milk feeds
  • Important Points of Discussions : Responsive Feeding / Use of salt, sugar, cows milk, spices and Water.
  • Choking Vs. Gagging and How to offer foods in the right way.
  • Food Allergies and Sensitivity.
  • Other Changes seen after Starting Solids.
  • Picky Eaters and Ways to deal with it.
  • Baby Feeding Mistakes and What to Avoid.
  • Clarifying Traditional Myths

Important Points to Note about the Workshop

This workshop is taken one to one. Available Slots for One to One Consult are sent on request.
The Group Workshop will happen only once in 2 months.

Once in 2 months : usually last week of the month! 26th March 2023 / 21st May 2023

You can attend the workshop based on your baby's' age. You can always renew your program with further If your baby is between 4 & 10 months of age , then you can enrol for a program till 24 months.

If your baby is between 11 & 18 months of age, then you can enrol for a program till 18 or 24 months

You can let your family member who is also going to feed the baby or take care of the baby : attend the workshop

There is no recording of the workshop. Handouts are on viewing access till your little one turns 1 year old / 18 months old.

Once you fill the registration form, I will get your basic details I need. On your working mail address, a detailed evaluation form will be sent. Once you fill that up and send me across, I will form the first food chart for your little one.

The food chart has date and time wise food dishes mentioned which you can offer in the weaning style preferable for you. The Food Chart is given till your little one turns 18 months of age based on the principles of healthy eating and nutrition. When the chart has about 3-4 days to get over, you can send me the acceptance sheet; which will either be mailed to you or be a 2 day food log of your little one along with growth details to give me details of how the past month went by. Based on that, the next chart is made.

The cycle continues till your little one turns 12 / 18 months of age, based on your enroll

The Food Guide hosts more than 100 recipes that you can make for your little one in the forms and styles that you want to feed your little one. Also has some important guidelines to follow when the baby is falling sick or needs high calorie foods and many other important information tips.

There are two documents of this. Food Guide (6-11 months of age is accessible till your little one turns 1 year old, and Toddler Food Guide is on viewing access till your little one turns 18 months old.

We have a WhatsApp Support Group where you can discuss your general queries, ask other moms about their experiences, and ask me certain questions in case you want to. You can always connect with me on personal chat also, in case you feel that that will be a better medium to solve doubts. You will be on the group till your little one turns 12 or 18 months of age. If you take up an individual consult , you are not added to the general group , instead we form a group with us and all the baby care providers.

Our LBB Weaning guide is to understand certain important aspects of the style of weaning you choose for your little one. It’s a handy tool to keep reading as you progress with your little one and his or her food habits. This is on viewing access till your little one turns 1 year old.

Individual Consult

1. Consult of 30-45 minutes taken on an individual time available for you and me both.

2. If you take up an individual consult , you are not added to the general group , instead we form a group with us and all the baby care providers. 

3. Rest of the Program remains the same.

Highlights of the Program

  • Charts are based on principles of traditional and baby led weaning. Your baby’s feeding history, development history, milestone history and your needs and goals as a care provider are discussed beforehand.
  • Through our weaning program –
  • Babies are able to eat a variety of foods by the age of 2.
  • Babies can experience different textures at different milestones.
  • Self-Feeding and Spoon Feeding established under supervision by 9-10 months and 11-12 months respectively.
  • Have a steady development of milestones and weight gain.
  • You can make nutrient dense recipes not only for the baby, but for the whole family.

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